Product Care Instructions

Core Element jewelry are made to be worn every day. They must live your life with you.

All pieces are made of sterling silver and some of them receive a gold plating.
The plating is 18K yellow gold.

Please note that your jewelry can tarnish naturally or lose their initial gold color.

In order to avoid that, just follow some simple rules:

  • Avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes and remove your jewelry before bed.
  • Remove your jewelry before any activity that will dull the finish, i.e. household tasks, bath, oils, perfume, moisture, make-up, hairspray, etc.
  • Avoid keeping them in the bathroom.
  •  Don’t wash your jewelry with soap, water or chemical, abrasive products.
  • You should keep your jewellery in a sealed cloth bag to avoid oxidation.
  • If you see signs of oxidation, gently buff your jewellery with a soft cloth.